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Bit9 SRS communication issues with v7.0.1 patch 15 & 16

Bit9 SRS communication issues with v7.0.1 patch 15 & 16



This notification applies only to Bit9 v7.0.1 patch 15 and v7.0.1 patch 16




Recently we discovered an issue in Bit9 Platform v7.0.1 Patch 15 and v7.0.1 Patch 16 releases that impact communication between your Bit9 Server with our Bit9 Software Reputation Service (SRS).




This results in Bit9 Customer Support not being able to provide timely diagnosis of logged support Cases.




Server side SQL bug that needs a hotfix in order to correct the issue.




There are two options available for remediating this issue.  The first option is a simple hot fix that can be applied to either release. The hot fix is in the form of a SQL Script (attached to this solution below) to be executed via SQL Management Studio.   The second option is to apply v7.0.1 Patch 17 (available on the Downloads page). This is a server side change, you do not need to update your agents.


We recommend you take one of these two steps as soon as possible. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you with this remediation.

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