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Bit9 agent driver installation on Windows Server 2003 hangs[1]

Bit9 agent driver installation on Windows Server 2003 hangs[1]





Bit9 agent installation on Windows Server 2003 hangs and doesn't complete. Since the Bit9 driver installation is silent, it's suppressing any pop-up window, which causes the installation to hang as it waits for a response to the suppressed pop-up window.



When reviewing the Dpinst.log from C:\Windows, it shows that it's at installing the driver using the parity.inf. Below is an example:

INFO: Installing INF file "C:\WINNT\system32\DRVSTORE\parity_3B0014FCCDFF0A96B150A938E183AB75DEE1D8AC\parity.inf" of Type 4.

INFO: Installing File System Driver 'C:\WINNT\system32\DRVSTORE\parity_3B0014FCCDFF0A96B150A938E183AB75DEE1D8AC\parity.inf'

The Bit9 agent install log is at:

1: <Bit9 Log> RegisterFilterDriver - Calling: C:\DOCUME~1\adminJJS\LOCALS~1\Temp\{ADC7EB41-4CC2-4FBA-8FBE-9338A9FB7666}\dpinst_amd64.exe /LM /SE /SA /F /D /PATH "C:\Program Files\Bit9\Parity Agent\driver



There's a Windows GPO applied to the server that's requiring it to check the driver's certificate.



Expose the Bit9 driver installation using this command "msiexec /i <path>\<policy name>.msi NOSILENTDRIVERREG=1 /l*v <path>\Bit9AgentInstall.log". It will show the install UI for the Bit9 driver install and will allow you to answer the pop-up question affected by the Windows GPO stated above.


The pop-up question window will state "The driver software you are installing has not been properly signed with Authenticode(TM) technology. Therefore, Windows cannot tell if the software has been modified since it was published. The publisher's identity cannot be verified because of a problem: The signature contains a time stamp. However, the time stamp could not be verified. Do you still want to install this driver software?" Click Yes.


Without the Windows GPO stated above, this pop-up question is not triggered and allows the the normal Bit9 driver installation silently. Due to this pop-up question window, it's waiting for a click on Yes or No before it continues. However, since the original Bit9 driver install is silent, the pop-up question window is suppressed, which causes the install to hang.

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