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CB Defense: How To Enable Background Scan on a Single Device

CB Defense: How To Enable Background Scan on a Single Device


  • CB Defense PSC Console: All Versions
  • CB Defense Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Apple macOS: All Supported Versions


Provide instructions for enabling a background scan for a single CB Defense Sensor


  1. Go to Endpoints page
  2. Select desired Device Name (check-box on far-left)
  3. Click Take Action button
  4. Select 'Enable background scan'
  5. Select desired option (selected Device or listed Devices) and click 'Yes' in confirmation window
  6. 'Background Scanning Enabled' will display

Additional Notes

  • By selecting more than one Sensor, the same can be done for multiple devices at the same time
  • Only one background scan will run per installation of the CB Defense Sensor per endpoint
  • The steps above will not start another background scan if one has already started and/or finished based on Policy settings

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