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CB Defense: How to Gather System Info With RepCLI

CB Defense: How to Gather System Info With RepCLI


  • CB Defense PSC Sensor: 3.4.x.x and higher
  • Microsoft Windows: All supported versions


Use RepCLI utility to gather system information


  1. Log into the machine with a user account that matches the AD User or Group SID configured for RepCLI authentication 
  2. Launch a Command Prompt
  3. Change directory to C:\Program Files\Confer 
    cd C:\Program Files\Confer
  4. Enter the "system info" command with "help" option to begin
    C:\Program Files\Confer> repcli systeminfo help
    Displays system information in XML format.  Optional Masks:
            All = 0
            OSInfo = 0x0001
            Memory = 0x0002
            Processors = 0x0004
            Network = 0x0008
            Volumes = 0x0010
            Services = 0x0020
            InstalledComponents = 0x0040
            FsDrivers = 0x0080
            WindowsUpdates = 0x0100
            BrowserPlugins = 0x0200
            CbResponse = 0x0400
            NamedMutexes = 0x0800
  5. Utilize the mask options to show a specific piece of information such as system memory
    C:\Program Files\Confer>repcli systeminfo 0x0002
    <ComputerMetadata version="8.9.0">
                            <Total Unit="MB">4096</Total>
                            <Available Unit="MB">2106</Available>
                            <Total Unit="MB">5502</Total>
                            <Available Unit="MB">132116254</Available>
  6. Use no options to generate a complete system information report 
    repcli systeminfo > C:\Users\user\Desktop\systeminfo.txt

Additional Notes

  • The "repcli systeminfo" command with the "help" option does not require authentication
  • The "repcli systeminfo" command with no options or mask options requires authentication

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