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CB Defense: Multiple devices reporting under the same device / registration ID

CB Defense: Multiple devices reporting under the same device / registration ID


  • CB Defense PSC Console: All Versions
  • CB Defense PSC Sensor: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Apple MacOS: All Supported Versions


  • Unable to find device hostname on the PSC Console Endpoints Page
  • Select the Investigate button for a device will return results for a different device hostname
  • The URL on the PSC Console Investigate Page will return the same device id for multiple devices e.g. [deviceId]=8168191


The sensor was installed on a master image without the appropriate switch and then cloned


  • On a master image that is going to be cloned, the sensor must be installed with the appropriate switch for that device type: See Carbon Black Cloud: How to Deploy Sensor to a Non-Persistent VDI Master Image for details
  • For pre-existing devices which have already been cloned and deployed from a master image where the sensor was not installed with the appropriate switch, please take the following actions depending on the sensor version

Additional Notes

  • During the initial installation, each sensor is assigned a unique device registration ID by the PSC
  • The device id is preserved when a sensor is re-installed over an existing installation and also when the sensor is upgraded to a newer sensor version
  • If the sensor is un-installed, the device id for that sensor installation will be deregistered
  • If the sensor is re-installed, the PSC server will generate a new unique device registration ID for the sensor
  • VDI=1 is deprecated in sensor versions 3.4+.

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