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CB PSC: Which SAML Providers Are Supported For The Web Console?

CB PSC: Which SAML Providers Are Supported For The Web Console?


  • CB Defense Web Console: All Versions


Is there a list of SAML providers that are supported for logging into the Web Console as an Administrator?


The following SAML providers have been tested and are supported for use within the Web Console using the Sign in via SSO button when SAML has been configured on the Administrators page.

Additional Notes

  • The above SAML providers are the only ones currently supported for turning on SSO for Administrator logins in the Cb Defense Web Console.
  • Customers are free to attempt using other providers not on this list, with the understanding that any issues arising from the use of other providers will receive best-effort support and solutions and/or workarounds are not guaranteed.
  • It should also be noted that additional logging, information, and/or fixes for issues/errors will not be provided by our Product Engineering teams.
  • Ping Federate is not supported.

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