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CB Protection: Agents Showing as "Ineligible for Upgrade" in the Console

CB Protection: Agents Showing as "Ineligible for Upgrade" in the Console


  • CB Protection 7.x
  • CB Protection 8.x


  • Agents showing as "Ineligible for Upgrade" in the console


The most common reasons for this message is that the CL Version is too far out of date to upgrade, or that the "upgrade.xml" file has been modified incorrectly (most likely during setting up a Linux or Mac 7.x Installer to run on 8.x).


1. Make sure the "CL Version" of the agent is at or above the "CL Version for Upgrade" shown in Assets>Computers. It's generally easiest to check several computers at once by making sure the "Cl Version" column is displayed like below.

  • If the agent is connected and having an issue where the CL version is not updating, try disabling upgrades as it's possible the upgrade attempts are preventing the CL from updating.

2. If you are using (or have used in the past) Mac or Linux agents, confirm that upgrade.xml is properly formatted according to the release notes of the Mac/Linux installer you have (latest currently linked below). Be sure that the name/file extension of this file is also unchanged (needs to be exactly upgrade.xml). If you used the default installation directory, it is located in one of these upgrade folders:

  • c:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Server\upgrade (for 64-bit server OS)
  • c:\Program Files\Bit9\Parity Server\upgrade (for 32-bit server OS)

Additional Notes

You can disable automatic upgrades from the console on a per policy basis by navigating to Rules>Policies>Edit Policy>Uncheck "Allow Upgrades"

You can disable automatic upgrades for all devices by navigating to System Configuration (gear Icon in 8.x)>Advanced Options tab> Set "Automatic Agent Upgrades" to disabled.

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