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CB Protection: File Deletion not available

CB Protection: File Deletion not available


CB Protection Server: (Patch 1) and above


Why do I not see the option to delete files on 8.1.0 Patch 1?


  • The commands for deleting files are available in the following locations:
    • The File Catalog page
    • The Files on Computers page
    • The Find Files page
    • The File Details page
    • The File Instance Details page
  • To access file deletion features, a user must have a login account with a User Role that includes the Delete files permission.
  • Permission for these features is not granted by default to the admin account or members of the Administrator account group.
  • You must explicitly add it, either by enabling Delete files permission for an existing role or by creating a new role for file deletion and adding it to accounts as you choose.

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