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CB Response: AV Exclusion Directories for Cluster Servers

CB Response: AV Exclusion Directories for Cluster Servers


  • CB Response Server: All versions


What path should be excluded from Anti-virus (AV) applications running on CB Response Servers?


Exclude the data directories on CB Response servers (master and minions). To confirm the directory run this command in terminal
grep DatastoreRootDir /etc/cb/cb.conf
 Default directory:

Additional Notes

  • Make sure to use the directory set in cb.conf. At cbinit the data directory might have been changed
  • Exclusions are necessary to avoid degradation in performance
  • Exclusions also avoid corruption of the Postgres and Solr databases
  • If performance degradation is seen in the environment, disabling the AV application should be the first attempt in troubleshooting

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