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Carbon Black Cloud: Difference between Org ID and Org Key?

Carbon Black Cloud: Difference between Org ID and Org Key?


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What is the difference between org key and org id?


Org Key and Org ID are similar but used by different aspects of the backend for different API calls. Which one is used depends on what feature/data set is being queried.

Additional Notes

  • Org ID (org_id) is the unique identifier for a given organization for a given backend/Point of Presence (PoP)
    • Org ID alone is not enough to locate an organization, but requires customers opening cases to also provide the URL employed to log into the Console
  • Org Key (org_key) is a hash of Org ID and backend/PoP, providing a truly unique identifier across all environments and organizations
    • As this single data point provides both org_id and backend/PoP, it is simplest for customers to provide org_key to expedite case handling by Technical Support

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