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Carbon Black Cloud: Go Live Options Grey Out

Carbon Black Cloud: Go Live Options Grey Out


  • Carbon Black Cloud (formerly CB PSC) : All Supported Versions
  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: 2.0 and Higher
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


"Go Live" options are greyed out for Admins in the PSC console.


The Live Response Admins' system local time is ahead of the actual local time.


  1. Change the system local time to actual local time;
  2. Restart browser and the issue should be resolved.

Additional Notes

  • The Go Live (Live Response) button is disabled if an endpoint hasn't checked in within 10 minutes of the user's local time.
  • System time is ahead of actual local time causes the code that checks for this 10 minute period to always consider the endpoints as having not checked in within the last 10 minutes.

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