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Carbon Black Cloud: How To Access Sensor Removal Tool

Carbon Black Cloud: How To Access Sensor Removal Tool


  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Sensor Removal Tool: All Versions


To obtain the Sensor Removal Tool for Carbon Black Cloud Windows Sensor.


  • Starting April 22nd of 2021 the Sensor Removal Tool is available upon request only
  • If you encounter any install, uninstall or upgrade issue with Carbon Black Cloud Windows Sensor, please open a case with Carbon Black Technical Support
  • We want to collect the failed logs in order to make improvements to the install/upgrade/uninstall process

Additional Notes

  • The Sensor Removal Tool (SRT) IS A TOOL OF LAST RESORT if standard uninstall fails. The main use-case for this tool is for when the normal uninstall methods fail
  • The tool is not designed to uninstall a Carbon Black Cloud (CBC) Windows Sensor, but rather to clean up application remnants left over from an incomplete or failed installation/uninstallation/upgrade
  • This should not be used by default, even after running the uninstaller, unless there are issues removing the product or updating the sensor to a newer version
  • The SRT will need to be run 1) in Safe mode and then 2) in Normal mode, requiring at least two system reboots
When opening a Support case, please provide the following:
  • Details regarding the scenario you're currently experiencing; e.g. what seems to be the overall issue
  • Verbose MSI log (generated at install using /L*vx option)
  • cb-installer-<sensor.version>.log (3.5.x.x and higher Sensors ) or confer-temp.log (3.4.x.x or older sensor)
    • Easiest to find these files by running the following from C:\
      dir /s cb-installer-*.log
      dir /s confer-temp.log
    • Otherwise the files can be located in any of the following locations
      C:\Users\All Users\AppData\Local\Temp\

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