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Carbon Black Cloud: How To Uninstall Apple macOS Sensor (v3.x.x.x)

Carbon Black Cloud: How To Uninstall Apple macOS Sensor (v3.x.x.x)


  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: 3.x.x.x and Higher
  • Apple macOS: All Supported Versions


Provide information on how to uninstall the Carbon Black Cloud Sensor from a Mac endpoint


Attended/GUI uninstall

  1. If the sensor UI is enabled, click on "Uninstall Confer" in the Confer application menu
  2. If the sensor UI is not enabled, use the sensor DMG installer. Ensure that the version of the DMG installer matches the version of the installed sensor. Click “Confer Sensor Uninstall” from DMG dialog (enter Uninstall Code if enabled in Policy)
  3. Administrators can also conduct an unattended uninstall via the Settings > Enrollment page of the Confer UI

Unattended/Terminal uninstall

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run Uninstaller
    v3.5.1.19 and above
    sudo /Applications/VMware\ Carbon\ Black\ Cloud/uninstall.bundle/Contents/MacOS/uninstall -y -c <UninstallCode>
    sudo /Applications/ -y -c <UninstallCode>
  3. Press Enter/Return

Additional Notes

Password Protected Uninstall is only available in 3.1.x and later versions

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