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Carbon Black Cloud: How to export Admin Users via Postman

Carbon Black Cloud: How to export Admin Users via Postman


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
    • Audit and Remediation (CB LiveOps)
    • Enterprise EDR (CB ThreatHunter)
    • Managed Detection (CB ThreatSight)
    • Endpoint Standard (CB Defense)
    • Endpoint Advanced (CB Defense + CB LiveOps)
    • Endpoint Enterprise (CB Defense + CB LiveOps + CB ThreatHunter)
  • Machine able to run Postman


Provide steps to export the list of Administrators from Settings > Users


1. Create API Key
  1. Log into Console
  2. Go to Settings > API Keys
  3. Copy Org ID
  4. Click 'Add API Key' button
  5. 'Add API Key' modal/pop-up appears
  6. Enter name for easy identification
    Example: General_Export_From_Console
  7. Set Access Level
    Access level: Custom
    Custom access level: View All
    *Warning message can be ignored:
    This permission set may contain unversioned APIs. Visit for all currently supported/versioned APIs.
  8. Enter Description as desired
  9. Click 'Save'
  10. Copy API credentials displayed ({{api_id}}, {{secret_key}} below)
2. Configure Postman
  1. Download and install Postman
  2. Download configuration JSON file and import into Postman
  3. Define variables and name the Environment for use with API calls
  4. Select the Environment created
  5. View Collection named 'Export All Admin Users'
  6. Run the 'Export All Admin Users' call
  7. Click 'Save Response' > 'Save to a file' and name the file (Ex: Export_All_Admin_Users.json)

Additional Notes

  • The Role (adminRole) will be displayed as DEPRECATED, as mapping from Users to Roles is done on the backend
  • For ease of use, there are a number of options available online to convert JSON files to CSV using Python, Java, etc.

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