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Carbon Black Cloud: How to find Duplicate Names

Carbon Black Cloud: How to find Duplicate Names


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions


How to find Duplicate Names.


  1. Go to Endpoints Page or VM Workloads Page.
  2. Export the Device information by clicking the Export button.
  3. Open the exported device information csv format file in excel.
  4. Add 2 columns Duplicate and Duplicate Count to the end of the table.
  5. For Duplicate column use forumla =COUNTIF(A:A,A2)>1 and for Duplicate Count use formula =COUNTIF(A:A,A2)
  6. Use the Filter functionality to filter rows having Duplicate column value as True. These are the devices with Duplicate Names.
  7. Copy the list of Duplicate Device names to new sheet. Go To Data->Remove Duplicates. This is the list of Device Names having duplicate value.

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