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Carbon Black Cloud: Sensor Interop Issue With Caliper Maptitude

Carbon Black Cloud: Sensor Interop Issue With Caliper Maptitude


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console
  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Supported Versions
  • Caliper Maptitude


  • Maptitude application crashes upon launch when the sensor is active.
  • Maptitude functions normally when the sensor is in Bypass.


Interop issue between Maptitude and Carbon Black Cloud Sensor.


Create a policy permission rule to Allow Maptitude: 
  1. Identify the paths that are being affected or blocked by the sensor. The paths should be related to SSCProt.exe and KeyActivateWizard.exe.
  2. Log in to the Carbon Black Cloud Console.
  3. Navigate to Enforce > Policies > Relevant Policy > Prevention.
  4. In the Permissions section, click "Add file path" and add the File paths that were identified in Step 1.
    Note: Wildcards allow the path to be more dynamic however more specific paths may increase security posture. 
  5. For the Operation Attempt > Performs any API Operation > enable: Bypass.
  6. Confirm the changes made.
  7. Save the policy changes.


Additional Notes

  • Allow listing and path exclusions are also suggested by Caliper for Maptitude found here.

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