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Carbon Black Cloud: What data does Support need for API issue cases?

Carbon Black Cloud: What data does Support need for API issue cases?


  • Carbon Black Cloud APIs: All Versions


What information do I need to give Technical Support so they can get started on my case for Carbon Black Cloud application programming interface (API) issues?


  • Organization and Point of Presence (PoP)
  • API Being Used
    • Request / Call
      • Exactly as run
        • Obfuscate API Secret Key / O-Auth app details, but leave everything else visible and unchanged
        • Include method/verb (GET, POST, etc.)
        • Include complete request body where applicable
  • Actual Results
    • Response / Results
      • Complete/full response details
      • NOT anecdotal "We get a 4xx / 5xx error" or "We don't get any data"
  • Expected Results
    • Comparison to data within Carbon Black Cloud Console
      • On which page in the Console and what terms were used to search?
  • Authentication and Permissions
  • Troubleshooting Steps Taken
    • Error
    • Change(s) made
    • Result(s)
    • Did results / errors change at any point?

Additional Notes

  • Providing the above information will ensure smoother and faster case handling with VMware Carbon Black Support
  • If the information above is not provided on initial case creation Support will request the omitted details in order to proceed
  • Best-practice for beginning API users is to get Postman and download the Carbon Black Postman collection to get started with APIs
    • All available APIs at time of release (good to check for updates)
    • Reduces/eliminates chance of 404 not found errors due to spelling errors

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