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Carbon Black Cloud: Why were Admin Roles modified on 10-11-22?

Carbon Black Cloud: Why were Admin Roles modified on 10-11-22?


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All versions
  • Existing Org
  • Existing Admin Roles


Why was the Super Admin role, and other roles with similar permissions, modified in October 2022? 


The Super Admin role shows a Last Modified Date of 11-Oct-2022 due to additional permissions which were added in preparation for upcoming product or feature changes which have not entered general availability (GA) at this time. More information on those permissions will be provided via Release Notes in the future, closer to GA for the relevant products or features.

Additional Notes

  • Other roles may also have the same Modified date, including custom Roles created by existing Admin users, added permissions will be the same
  • To avoid the unintended release of competitive intelligence, the list of added permissions is not spelled out
  • For more information on upcoming products and/or features, please reach out to your Account, Customer Success, or Sales Reps

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