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Cb Defense: Deregistered Sensor FAQ

Cb Defense: Deregistered Sensor FAQ


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  • Cb Defense Sensor: All Versions


This document discusses common questions in relation to Deregistered/Uninstalled Sensors


Question 1

How long do deregistered sensors remain in the list of sensors on the Sensor Management page with a Status of Deregistered?


By design, all sensors which have been added to your organization will remain listed on the Sensor Management page indefinitely, unless or until they are deregistered/uninstalled and then deleted. They can be displayed or hidden based on their current Status and/or the Policy to which they belong and the selections you make within those filters. Selecting the Active status will only show those sensors which are considered Active (i.e., not bypass, inactive, deregistered, etc.)

Question 2

Can deregistered sensors be removed from the Sensor Management page?


Deregistered or uninstalled sensors can be deleted in order to keep the number of sensors in your organization to a minimum. Currently sensors must be in a deregistered/uninstalled state prior to being deleted to prevent the accidental deletion of sensors in other statuses.

Question 3

Can the ability to remove sensors which were removed a long time ago be added to Cb Defense?


This feature has now been added to the Web Console. You can either delete sensors manually via the Take Action button, or automatically from the Sensor Management page by going to Sensor Management > Sensor Options > Sensor Settings > Auto-Delete Deregistered Sensors and selecting how long to wait after a sensor has been deregistered before it is deleted on schedule.

Question 4

How do uninstalled/deregistered sensors impact licensing numbers?


Sensors which have been uninstalled/deregistered via the Cb Defense console do not count against the number of licensed endpoints purchased by your organization.

Question 5

How can I keep up to date on the most recently deregistered sensors?


You can make use of the Status filter and the Last Check-In column headers to show sensors which fall into the related Status

  • All: All devices in the organization that have sensors
  • Active: Devices that have checked in within the last 30 days (default view)
  • Inactive: Devices that have not checked in within the last 30 days
  • Pending: Devices for which an install email was sent to the user, but the sensor is not installed
  • Deregistered: Devices that have an uninstalled sensor.
  • Errors: Devices on which the sensors are reporting errors
  • Bypass: Devices on which sensors are in bypass mode and not being protected or sending data to the cloud
  • Eligible for Update: There is a more current version of the sensor available for deployment
  • Quarantine: Devices that an administrator has put into Quarantine

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