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Cb Defense: How to Allow End Users to Disable Protection

Cb Defense: How to Allow End Users to Disable Protection


Cb Defense 2.0 - Dashboard versions 0.19.x+, Windows Sensor versions 2.0.1.x+


How to allow end users to disable the sensor (put it into bypass mode) via their local UI.

Admin Steps

1. Navigate to the Policy page.

2. Enabling end users to disable the sensor via the local UI is determined by policy group. On the left side of the screen, select the policy that corresponds to the group of machines you would like to give the ability to disable the sensor. The policy you are editing will be highlighted in blue.

3. To the right, under the Cb Defense Settings Tab, you may adjust the Sensor Settings.

4. Select the Show Sensor UI box

5. Select the Allow User to Disable Protection box


If you do not first select the Show Sensor UI box, the Allow User to Disable Protection option will remain grayed-out and cannot be selected.


6. Click the blue Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

7.  You will see a green confirmation message once the changes are successfully saved.


End User Steps

1. Bring up the Cb Defense dialog box.

2. Toggle Protection to the Off position.

3. Click OK to save your changes.



  • End Users who opt to turn protection off will move their machines into bypass mode.
  • Within the dashboard, Admins can find devices that have turned off protection by viewing enrolled devices in bypass mode. These machines are designated by red "Sensor Bypass (User Action)" text.


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