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Cb Defense: How to delete sensor data from an org

Cb Defense: How to delete sensor data from an org


Cb Defense - Current Version


This document answers most commonly asked questions about deleting sensor data from a Cb Defense org.


Question 1

Upon completing evaluation of Cb Defense, I would like to remove all data generated by sensors during testing found in Alerts, Investigate and Audit Log pages of my org without removing enrolled devices or resetting any of the customized org settings. Is this possible?


At this time, the product doesn't offer an option to delete device data from the Alerts, Investigate or Audit Logs pages of an org.

Question 2

Can my org be de-registered and re-provisioned in order to clear sensor data?


Yes. Your org can be de-registered and re-provisioned with the same name. This will remove all existing sensor data, including Alerts as well as all events found in the Investigate page. However, this action will also reset your org configuration back to default. This means you will lose any customized General, Administrator, Enrollment, Policy, Reputation, Connector, and Notification settings which you might have changed during testing. To proceed with this option, please Create a Case in The Community and our Support Team will assist with your request.

Question 3

Are there plans to add such an option in the future?


Not at this time. However, we appreciate that you have ideas on how we can improve our product. For this reason, we do provide customers with access to Idea Central​ to suggest and vote on new product ideas. This option has already been submitted under If you feel this option should be added to the product, please add your vote to this idea as this will add more weight to the request.

When/if such option is added to the product, this article will be updated accordingly.

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