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Cb Defense: Permissions rules don't work if Application Path contains a comma

Cb Defense: Permissions rules don't work if Application Path contains a comma


  • Cb Defense Web Console: All Versions
  • Cb Defense Sensor: All Versions
  • A path containing a comma is specified in "Applications at path(s)" for Permissions policy rules


  • Rule doesn't apply
  • Application(s) in path aren't excluded from blocking/termination or monitoring by Cb Defense Sensor


  • A comma will terminate the line and begin a new pattern
  • This is a server-side limitation


  • Use the question mark character wildcard in place of the comma in the path


C:\program files 86\acme technologies, inc\folder\application.exe

C:\program files 86\acme technologies? inc\folder\application.exe

Additional Notes

  • Same limitation and workaround apply to Blocking and Isolation policy rules
  • If you'd like to see this limitation eliminated in future versions, please up-vote
  • The limitation described in this article does not affect policy rules not based on specific path

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