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Cb Defense: Sensor States Returned by v3 API

Cb Defense: Sensor States Returned by v3 API


Cb Defense API v3 and above


When exporting device data via API calls there is a column called "sensorstate" and it looks like there can be more than 1 sensorstate attached to a machine. What do they mean, and which ones should I pay attention to?


There are several values for the sensorstate of a given device. The following four states are worth knowing, and they have the meanings listed below. These all are different ways in which Bypass can be enabled.

Sensor StateMeaning
REPUX_ACTIONBypass initiated by end user
CSR_ACTIONBypass initiated by admin
UNSUPPORTED_OSBypass initiated by sensor due to unsupported Operating System
SENSOR_UPGRADE_IN_PROGRESSTransient Bypass due to sensor upgrading

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