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Cb Defense: Some Mass Sensor Management Features (Auto-Assignment) Not Working With Mac Sensor

Cb Defense: Some Mass Sensor Management Features (Auto-Assignment) Not Working With Mac Sensor


  • Cb Defense Sensor: 3.1 and below
  • Mac OS: All Supported Versions


  • Sensor Groups Configured for Mac OS **(See Additional Notes for further qualification)
  • Auto-Assign Enabled for Mac Sensors
  • No Mac Sensors Auto-Assigned


Unsupported Mac Sensor Version


Release of the 3.2 Mac Sensor - This Mass Sensor Management Feature (Auto-Assign), is NOT currently supported with the Mac Sensor, until the release of v3.2 (expected sometime September '18)

Additional Notes

  • When attempting to Auto-assign Mac Sensors to Sensor Groups, this does not apply
  • Unfortunately, the Console gives no indication that this feature is currently not supported on any currently released Mac Sensors

  • **Only the AD/LDAP criteria for Sensor Groups is impacted. Assignment based on OS and Device name criteria should work prior to the 3.2 sensor.

          Group Criteria that works with All Sensor versions:


          Device Name


          Group Criteria that works with Windows sensor 3.1+/Mac sensor 3.2+

          Active Directory Organizational Unit

          Active Directory Domain

          Active Directory Distinguished Name

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Page 40 of the Cb Defense User Guide states the following:

"Sensor groups and automatic enrollment are only available for the Windows v3.1 and macOS v3.2 or later sensor versions"

Sensor Management Page Feedback

Rolling Out the January ‘18 Release of Cb Defense

[Cb Internal Refs: EA-12585, DSER-8847]

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