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Cb Defense: VDF Versions Are Not Updating With Sensor 3.2

Cb Defense: VDF Versions Are Not Updating With Sensor 3.2


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  • Sensor upgraded to from an earlier version
    • VDF versions are no longer updating
  • New install of sensor
    • VDF versions do not update beyond initial signature pack download
  • Sensor Management shows old VDF versions
  • Using default update server or Local Mirror



Issue in sensor



  • sensor has been removed from the product; New version containing a fix will be uploaded once available
  • If you haven't yet installed or updated to sensor, hold off on doing that and use 3.1 sensor as the latest available version
  • If you have installed or updated to sensor and signature updates are an important feature in your organization, roll back to sensor 3.1 until a fix is available
  • If you choose to stay on, consider enabling Submit unknown binaries for analysis (Cloud Analysis) and Delay Execute for Cloud Scan​ policy settings; You can also manually trigger a one-time signature update in one of the following ways:



  1. Uninstall sensor
  2. If sensor does not fully uninstall, use the sensor removal tool in Cb Defense: How to Uninstall Windows Sensor
  3. Reinstall sensor


Force Signature Update

  1. Place Sensor into Policy where local scanner is disabled

  2. Place Sensor in Bypass mode

  3. With Admin Privileges Delete

    C:\Program Files\Confer\scanner\Data_0\

    C:\Program Files\Confer\scanner\Data_1\

    C:\Program Files\Confer\scanner\tmp\

    C:\Program Files\Confer\scanner\idx\

  4. Run the following from an admin Command prompt from the C:\Program Files\Confer\scanner\ directory (allow time for this to complete, it has to download a full vdf package this will take a few minutes)

    upd.exe --no-config --quiet --no-dns-resolve --update-modules-list=VDF,AVE2 --key-dir=. --master-file=/idx/master.idx --product-file=/idx/ --install-dir="C:\Program Files\Confer\Scanner\Data_0" --internet-srvs=

  5. From Admin Command Prompt run

    SC Stop CbDefense (wait a few seconds for the service to shut down then Run )

    SC Start CbDefense

  6. Verify CbDefense is up and running and checking into the console and reporting proper VDF version.

  7. Disable Bypass of the sensor.


Additional Notes

If you require further assistance, please open a Support case.


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Internal reference: EA-12555

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