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Cb Protection: Can I Block Writes to MTP or PTP Devices

Cb Protection: Can I Block Writes to MTP or PTP Devices


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Does Cb Protection currently support blocking of MTP or PTP devices, such as cell phones, tablets or other devices that use these alternative file transfer frameworks?


Currently Cb Protection does not have the ability to block writes on MTP or PTP devices. There are some options that could be possible in your environment, such as using Group Policy to block the writes. These do depend on your domain configuration and should be applied based on your own environment setup, and testing standards.

Within GPO settings, an option exists called "WPD Devices: Deny Write Access", this item controls the Windows Portable Devices (WPD) driver. Enabling this GPO and pushing down to your domain, will keep the devices from writing using the WPD driver.

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