Cb Protection: How to Regenerate the CDC Activation Key

Cb Protection: How to Regenerate the CDC Activation Key


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The CDC key needs to be replaced 


When the Cb Protection server is activated with the CDC a key is generated, that marks your server as a unique connection. If this key needs to be converted from an Evaluation License, or a clone of the server is running with the same key, a new one may need to be generated.


  1. Remote into the Cb Protection server, and if this is a two tier installation, also remote into the database server hosting the DAS database.
  2. Temporarily stop the Cb Protection Server and Reporter Services (Bit9 Server and Bit9 Reporter services for 7.x and earlier)
  3. On the database run the following SQL commands
    use das;
    EXEC dbo.UpdateShepherdConfig 'ActivationVerified', 'false'
    EXEC dbo.UpdateShepherdConfig 'ActivationState', '0'
    DELETE FROM dbo.shepherd_configs WHERE NAME IN ('ActivationKey')
  4. Start the Cb Protection Server and Reporter Services.
  5. In the console navigate to the top right hand corner and select the Gear (Administration) > System Configuration > Licensing
  6. Enter in the new Activation Key and click Re-Activate.

Additional Notes

Please do not make any changes to the DAS database while the services are running. If a new key is needed for activation please reach out for assistance.

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