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Cb Protection: Local State of Banned Remains After Removing Global Ban

Cb Protection: Local State of Banned Remains After Removing Global Ban


  • Cb Protection Agent: 7.x & 8.x
  • Cb Protection Server: 7.x & 8.x


  • File was marked as Globally Banned
  • Global Ban was then removed from the file
  • File has a Local State of Banned


Files that are globally banned, then executed on the endpoints, will receive a local state of banned. This state is only checked upon execution, so removing the Global Ban from the console does not immediately remove the local state of banned.


After removing the global ban, the local state will persist until the file is executed again on the endpoint. At that time of execution, the agent will see the global ban has been removed, reverse the local state of banned, and will then allow the file to execute.

Additional Notes

Even though the file has a local state of banned, if the global removal has been removed from the console, and the local machine's agent has successfully checked in to the console since the removal of the global ban, then the agent should not block the file on the next execution.

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