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Cb Response 6.x Documentation and Solution Repository

Cb Response 6.x Documentation and Solution Repository


Cb Response 6.1, 6.2


This solution describes items to consider when installing Carbon Black 6.2, or upgrading to Carbon Black 6.2 from a previous version.


Note: Check here for the latest release information: Cb Response On-Prem Releases and Sensor Builds


The Cb Response Repository file to modify is /etc/yum.repos.d/CarbonBlack.repo


Install Notes

Whenever modifying a Yum URL, run the 'yum clean all' command to clear Yum's internal cache so a previous URL is not used, such as:

yum clean all

yum update cb-enterprise



Cb Response 6.2 Automating Installation Using cbinit

Cb Protection Agent and Cb Response Sensor OS Release Support

Cb Response 6.2 Integration Guide


Cb Response 6.2.3 User Guide

Cb Response 6.2.3 Server / Cluster Management Guide

Cb Response 6.2.3 Server Configuration (cb.conf) Guide

Cb Response 6.2.3 Server Release Notes


Cb Response 6.2.2 User Guide

Cb Response 6.2.2 Server Cluster Management Guide

Cb Response 6.2.2 Cloud Release Notes

Cb Response 6.2.2 Server Release Notes


Cb Response 6.2.1 User Guide

Carbon Black 6.2.1 Release Notes_Cloud


Cb Response 6.2.0 User Guide

Cb Response 6.2 Server/Cluster Management Guide

Cb Response 6.2.0 Release Notes


Carbon Black Response v6.1 - User Guide

Carbon Black Response v6.1 - Operating Environment Requirements

Carbon Black Response v6.1 - Server/Cluster Management Guide

Carbon Black Response v6.1 - Integration Guide

Carbon Black Response v6.1 - Connector Guide

Cb Protection Agent and Cb Response Sensor OS Release Support


Cb Response 6.1.2 Release Notes

Cb Response Cloud 6.1.2 Release Notes


Carbon Black Response 6.1.1 Release Notes


Carbon Black Response v6.1 - Release Notes


Getting Started with Cb Response - Carbon Black Developer Network

REST API Reference - Carbon Black Developer Network

Ingress Filter Details - Carbon Black Developer Network

Process API Changes in 6.1 - Carbon Black Developer Network



Upgrade Process

6.1 Upgrade Appears to be Frozen when Migrating Events

Upgrading to a new Cb Response Version - rpmnew files

Using CBCluster as a Non-Root User

Yum Update Failure python-cjson


5.2 Nginx Configuration Changes

Migrating to a 5.2/6.1 Multihome Configuration File

Post Install - nginx won't start with (IPv6) Error: Address family not supported by protocol

Nginx Failed to Start with Error "unknown "sensor_mod_idx" variable"

6.1 Upgrade: NGINX Fails To Start With duplicate location "/" Error

Response 6.1 upgrade:  Startup halts after "Waiting for cb-sensorservices to initialize..."


Following 6.1 Upgrade, Rabbitmq Won't Start With rabbitmq_clusterer Error

Rabbitmq Process Won't Start With "enabled_plugins" Error

Response 6.1 cluster upgrade: Startup halts after "unable to start service: cb-redis"

Datagrid Configuration

Cb Respone: cb-datagrid Fails to Start after Upgrading to 6.1

Response 6.1 upgrade:  Startup halts after "Waiting for cb-datagrid to initialize..." in cluster

Ingress Filters

Response 6.1 upgrade:  fails on CONVERT OLD INGRESS FILTERS

After upgrading to 6.1, Ingress Filtering Doesn’t Appear to be Working


After Upgrading to 6.1 /var/cb/data is Reaching 90% Capacity of the Disk

Selecting an Event From the Alerts Page Results in a 404 Page

Known Issues


6.1.0 Slow Process Analysis Page Performance

6.1.0 Process Analysis Page is Blank or Doesn’t Contain the Correct Event

6.1.0 White Space in Process Analysis Page

Resolving Large Number of Alerts Causes Page To Become Unresponsive


Cb Response startup fails to proceed past "Waiting for cb-solr to build the terms dictionary"

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