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Cb Response: Cannot Save Changes to Sensor Group

Cb Response: Cannot Save Changes to Sensor Group


  • Cb Response Server 6.2.1

  • Cb Response Console


  • When attempting to save changes in a Sensor Group the button does not function - nothing occurs and no error messages are given.

  • HAR file does not show PUT activity when clicking the Save Group button nor any additional activity.


Even though some Cb Response Server versions and cbui versions include a fix for this behavior, older Firefox and/or Google Chrome browsers cause this to occur.  This is an incompatibility with older browsers.


Upgrade browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to the latest version.

Additional Notes

If the issue still remains after upgrading the browser, please submit a case to Support to diagnose further, and include the symptoms, troubleshooting steps taken, Cb Diags and a HAR file of the behavior showing it has been reproduced.

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