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Cb Response: Configurations to mitigate out of disk issues in 5.x

Cb Response: Configurations to mitigate out of disk issues in 5.x


  • Cb Response Server: 5.x


Change settings in the Cb Response server environment to prevent future disk space issues.



  1. Verify that OER disk requirements are being followed - Carbon Black Response v5.2 - Operating Environment Requirements
  2. Verify MaxEventStoreDays, MaxEventStoreSizeInPercent, MaxEventStoreSizeInDocs (5.x) are set to reasonable values in /etc/cb/cb.conf - Selecting an Event From the Alerts Page Results in a 404 Page
    • Note: changing these settings will require a service restart
  3. Adjust Modulestore retention settings: Modulestore Filling Disk When Alliance Sharing Is Disabled

  4. Verify EventPurgeEarliestTime does not have a date in the past: 5.x no disk space available on Cb Response server due to cbevent purge settings in past
  5. Enable automated purging of Cbmodules -  How To Enable Automated Cbmodule Purging
  6. Set up a job to automatically clear old Datastore logs - EDR: How to add Datastore and Solr debug.tmp removal cron job

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