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Cb Response Server Disk Full Due To Large Files on Disk

Cb Response Server Disk Full Due To Large Files on Disk


Cb Response 4.x, 5.x, 6.x


Services won't start due to a file outside of /var/cb/data taking up excessive disk space


df -h shows 100% of disk space used


  1. Remove common large files from Cb Response server
    1. Check for old hprof files (hprof files are stack traces from java when SOLR crashes):
      find /var/log/cb -type f -iname "*.hprof.*"
      1. Remove any that are found:
        rm -f {full path}/*hprof.old
    2. Check for old cbdiags:
      find / -type f -iname "cbdiag*"
      1. Remove any that are found:
        rm -f {full path}/*.cbdiag
        Warning: Do not delete the cbdiag utility /usr/share/cb/cbdiag
    3. If if /var is near full:
      yum clean all
      1. If this resolved the space issue, verify yum caching option is not turned on:
        vi /etc/yum.conf
  2. Verify there is free space and Cb Response isn't what's taking up space:
    1. Verify you've freed up some space:
      df -h
    2. If disk usage is still near 100%, verify that SOLR and Modulestore aren't taking up all the disk space:
      du -h /var/cb/data/ --max-depth=1
      Note: If this directory is taking up the majority of space, follow this guide: No Free Disk Space Prevents Cb Response Services From Starting
  3. Otherwise check for other files outside of Cb Response. This will give you the 25 largest files:

    Warning: Use caution when deleting any files

    du -k --max-depth=1 | sort -nr | awk 'BEGIN {split("KB,MB,GB,TB", Units, ",");}{u = 1;while ($1 >= 1024) {$1 = $1 / 1024; u += 1} $1 = sprintf("%.1f %s", $1, Units); print $0;} '
    Note: You can use explainshell.com to make sense of long commands like this, such as:
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