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Cb Response: cb-datagrid Starting Issues

Cb Response: cb-datagrid Starting Issues


  • Carbon Black Response
  • 6.0+


  • Consolidation of issues experienced with cb-datagrid starting
  • Cluster services failing to start with continued "."
  • Errors found in /var/log/cb/datagrid/startup.out


  1. Cb Response: Response 6.1 upgrade,  Startup halts after "Waiting for cb-datagrid to initialize..." i...
  2. Cb Respone: cb-datagrid Fails to Start after Upgrading to 6.1
    node0: Starting cb-datagrid:
    node1: Waiting for cb-datagrid to initialize...
    node1: .
    node1: .
    node0: Waiting for cb-datagrid to initialize.................
    node0: Exec failure (1)
  3. Cb Response: cb-datagrid not starting (Fatal: password authentication failed for user "cb")
    2017-12-07 12:18:41,548 - [WARN] - from com.carbonblack.datagrid.persist.DbPool in main
    Error testing SQL connection: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (FATAL: password authentication failed for user "cb")

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