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Decoding requested_acces field in event_type:cross_process

Decoding requested_acces field in event_type:cross_process


5.2.X and earlier


In a cross_process event type there is a key named "requested_acces", what is this value and how can it be decoded?


The value for for the key requested_acces is an access mask value as defined by Microsoft and is Windows specific.  This value is included in cross_process event type to capture the access requested from one process to another.  To understand what this value means:

  1. Convert the requested_acces value to hex
    1. Open the calc.exe application in Windows, click View>Programmer
    2. Select "Dec" for decimal and enter the value (example:  2097151)
    3. Select "Hex" to convert the value (example result: 1FFFFF)
  2. The value is a combination of multiple access rights into a single value.  Use the following external page to Microsoft documentation as reference:

          In this case, it is specifying all STANDARD/SPECIFIC rights:

          #define STANDARD_RIGHTS_ALL (0x001F0000L)

          #define SPECIFIC_RIGHTS_ALL (0x0000FFFFL)

          combined:  0x001FFFFFL (which equates to 1FFFFF)

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