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EDR: Deploying OSX Sensors via Jamf to MacOS 10.x

EDR: Deploying OSX Sensors via Jamf to MacOS 10.x


  • EDR macOS Sensor: 7.x 
  • macOS: Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15)


How to deploy 7.x-osx sensors from Jamf to macOS versions that use kernel extensions.


1. Log in to Jamf, navigate to “Configuration Profiles”, and select "New"
2. Under the Approved Kernel Extensions select “Configure”.

3. Input the applicable "teamID" and "bundleID
    Team Id: (For Cb Response) 7AGZNQ2S2T
    KEXT Bundle ID:
    (Note: 72fc2 above reflects the sensor version 7.2.2-osx being installed, modify as needed)

4. Select "Save"
This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image

This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image

5. Once the kernel extension are pushed to the endpoints, the endpoints require a reboot. This is an Apple requirement and the later macOS versions remove this requirement by using system extensions. (See Jamf KB in Related Content)

6. Repackage sensor install package to push from Jamf to endpoint.  Jamf requires the extension
      a.  Download a new OSX installer package from the EDR console
      b.  Unzip the installer temporarily in a local directory i.e. /tmp/sensor/
      c.  Zip for deployment in Jamf
      d.  zip -r -X ~/Desktop/ *
      e.  Upload to Jamf.

7. Deploy the sensor for installation.

Additional Notes

  • Prior to macOS 10.13.4, software distributions systems (i.e. MDM or JAMF) did not require user-approval to load any properly signed kexts.
  • For macOS 10.13 - 10.15, Carbon Black products (as well as other kernel-based products) Netmon and Procmon kernel extensions are required.  For enterprise deployments where it is necessary to distribute software that includes kexts without requiring user approval, it is required to configure the Apple Team IDs for our Carbon Black products in the MDM profile.  
  • For macOS 11.x and higher, system extensions are required to be configured in the MDM and is addressed in other articles (see Related Content).
  • Both OSX-10.x and OSX-11.x+ profiles can be combined into one Jamf profile.  Ask the Support engineer for guidance from the internal notes.

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