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EDR: How to Configure Sysprep for Use With VDI Support

EDR: How to Configure Sysprep for Use With VDI Support


  • EDR Sensor: 6.2.3+
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


To allow sensor VDI creation through Microsoft Sysprep 


  1. Before imaging, after sensor service ("CarbonBlack") has been stopped
    • Create directory for "Sensor Group" private key file
      mkdir %SYSTEMDRIVE%\cbtmp
    • Export "Sensor Group" private key into a password-protected file for a one-time use during clone startup.
      certutil -p password -exportPFX CarbonBlack * %SYSTEMDRIVE%\cbtmp\cb.pfx
    • Remove the existing "Sensor Group" private key from the Certificate Store
      certutil -delstore CarbonBlack Sensor*
  2. Machine Startup Script:
    • Import the private key into the Local Machine Store
      certutil -p password -importPFX CarbonBlack %SYSTEMDRIVE%\cbtmp\cb.pfx
    • The sensor service will start and be stopped if there is no "sensor group" private certificate/key. If it is already running for whatever reason, the extra start command won't hurt anything.
      sc start carbonblack
    • Clean up password protected file and directory
      rmdir %SYSTEMDRIVE%\cbtmp /Q /S
      dir %SYSTEMDRIVE%\cbtmp

Additional Notes

If using Microsoft Sysprep to generate VDI clones, you will run into certificate errors if you do not follow the above guidance. Once the clone is generalized (sysprep creates new machine GUID), the relationship to the existing certs is lost since they are retrieved from the cert store locally based on the machine GUID which now no longer matches. 

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