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EDR: How to Verify the Hash of the Sensor

EDR: How to Verify the Hash of the Sensor


  • EDR Sensor: All Supported Versions
  • EDR Server: All Supported Versions


Ways to verify the hash of the sensors available to download from the console


  1. Get the sha256 of the package on the server itself 
    sha256sum /usr/share/cb/coreservices/installers/CarbonBlackClientSetup-v7.3.2.18738.exe
  2. Get the sha256 from postgres 
    psql -p 5002 cb -c "select name, sha256 from sensor_build_packages where name = 'CarbonBlackClientSetup-v7.3.2.18738.exe'"

Additional Notes

  • When downloading the sensor .zip from the console they will contain a CarbonBlackClientSetup.exe which should have the same hash as the sensor version being downloaded as the sensor group customization is contained in the sensorsettings.ini
  • If the ability to view the sensor hash from the console would be useful please submit a feature request here

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