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EDR: How to configure proxy settings for Alliance Feeds

EDR: How to configure proxy settings for Alliance Feeds


  • EDR (Formerly Carbon Black Response) Server: 6.x or Higher


Setup proxy server for EDR Server/Cluster to update Alliance Feeds


  1. Enter the required details and uncomment the required lines in /etc/cb/cb.conf:
    # Alliance Proxy Settings
    # Specifies the proxy to be used for internet access
    # Specify the type of authentication the proxy uses. Supported types are
    # either "basic" or "ntlm"
    # Specify the username and password if your proxy requires them.
    # Use the script at /usr/share/cb/cbpasswd with the --encryptpasswd
    # flag to generate an encrypted version of the proxy password for use
    # with the AllianceClientProxyEncryptedPassword field or else
    # use AllianceClientProxyPlaintextPassword for unencrypted passwords
  2. Restart the cb-enterprise service on a standalone server, or restart the cluster:
  • For a standalone server:
    service cb-enterprise restart
  • For a cluster:
    /usr/share/cb/cbcluster stop 
    /usr/share/cb/cbcluster start

Additional Notes

If the proxy is configured with a username and password, and the config doesn't take, use below format instead of the suggested one in the conf:

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