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Endpoint Standard: Elevated Memory Usage by REPMGR.EXE

Endpoint Standard: Elevated Memory Usage by REPMGR.EXE


  • Endpoint Standard Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows : All Supported Versions


  • Sensor using more than 1GB of RAM.
  • Repmgr.exe dump file in the confer directory with "ElevatedMemoryUsage" in the filename.


  • System may be extremely busy and the amount of activity is causing the sensor to consume more memory.
  • Some applications may generate a lot of low priority traffic that gets queued to send, but sending is delayed due to the priority being given to more important traffic, causing the low priority queue to continue growing.


Issue can be resolved by putting in a bypass rule for the offending application(s) that are inflating the sending queues.

Additional Notes

A process dump file for repmgr.exe is created automatically when the process consumes more than 1GB of RAM

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