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Fatal Error: Could not connect to host - Service Account Local Policies

Fatal Error: Could not connect to host - Service Account Local Policies

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection - All


Cannot access console, typically after a new install or upgrade.

"Fatal Error. Network error while trying to communicate with Bit9 Server. Error: Could not connect to host"

Console is inaccessible.

Some environments have Group Policies in place that prevent the Service Account from gaining these security policies.

Service account credentials may have changed, and these policies were not updated to reflect the change.


Confirm that DNS is working by doing a ping and nslookup for the Cb Protection server from the machine where you're accessing the console from. Attempt to access the console from the Cb Protection server directly.

On the Cb Protection server, add the Service Account to the following Local Policies:

"Log on as a Service"

"Log on as a Batch Job"

Microsoft TechNet article on how to add user to Log on as a Service policy. Same steps can be applie...

Additionally, If the above does not work then navigate to C:\Users\<Bit9 User Account>\AppData\Local\Temp and delete the files within the Temp folder.

Important Note(s)

A Group Policy may need to be added to grant the Service Account these Local Policies.

Also, ensure the Service Account has all the other proper permissions in place, according to Bit9 service account permissions

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