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High memory usage for parity.exe

High memory usage for parity.exe


6.0.x and 7.x



Parity.exe is using what appears to be more  memory than anticipated after the agent was installed. There are no new software installation or initialization or sync activity taking place.



(see Issue above)



Misleading information displayed on the memory usage for Parity.exe on the Task Manager.



Using Process Explorer, right-click on the Parity.exe and go to Properties.  Go to Performance tab. The memory usage information showing on the Task Manager is coming from Working Set.


Working set is the set of recently referenced shared and private pages. It grows as memory is accessed but is trimmed as the system approaches the system limit. The working set is automatically adjusted based on process behavior and on available memory. It does not represent all memory that has allocated for Parity.exe or total demands that Parity.exe places on system memory.


The accurate memory usage value is found in the Virtual Memory section on the field called Private Bytes. This is an accurate amount of memory usage for the Parity.exe.

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