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How To Generate A Sensor Installer Via The Command Line

How To Generate A Sensor Installer Via The Command Line


Cb response 5.x, 6.1

How to generate specific versions of sensor installer at back-end server/master via the command line.


Suggest using /usr/share/cb/cbsensorinstallergen to accomplish the task.

Help file:

/usr/share/cb/cbsensorinstallergen -h

Usage: cbsensorinstallergen [options]

This is a utility that can be used to create sensor installation packages.

The default location for sensor installers is:



-h, --help show this help message and exit

--installer-file=INSTALLER_FILE File path to the sensor installer file(s) - if multiple files, separate by comma(s)

--os=OS_TYPE The os type that the package is for: [win|osx|linux]

--sensor-group=SENSOR_GROUP The sensor group to get the ini settings from [uses Default Group if none provided]

--package-path=PACKAGE_PATH Directory path to save the output package

Example usage:

/usr/share/cb/cbsensorinstallergen --installer-file=/usr/share/cb/coreservices/installers/osx/CarbonBlackClientSetup-osx-v6.0.4.70328.pkg --os=osx --sensor-group="Default Group" --package-path=/tmp/

This example uses the install package for OSX v6.0.4 from sensor group Default Group and puts the resulting zip file in the /tmp/ path.

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