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How To Purge Cbmodule Data

How To Purge Cbmodule Data

Warning: This will irrecoverably remove data from the Cb Response server. After removing this data, you will receive a 404 page when attempting to view binary details pages older than MaxEventStoreDays and this data will no longer appear in the Binary Search


Cb Response 5.x, 6.1


This will purge cbmodule data from the solr database located at /var/cb/data/solr5/cbmodules/ (for 5.x this is located at /var/cb/data/solr/cbmodules/).


Binary (meta)data

  1. Determine MaxEventStoreDays setting in /etc/cb/cb.conf as a starting point to purge to:
    grep MaxEventStoreDays /etc/cb/cb.conf
  2. Run this curl command replacing XX with MaxEventStoreDays. If additional space need to be recovered, reduce this purge time:
    Warning: Binaries older than this set value will lead to 404 pages
    curl -H "Content-Type: text/xml" -d "<delete><query>last_seen:[* TO NOW-XXDAYS]</query></delete>"
    Warning: This will prevent alerts on feeds with score changes from this past data.

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How to automate this process: How To Enable Automated Cbmodule Purging

Warning: cbmodules is not the same as the modulestore files that are the binaries themselves. Here is how you purge this data: How To Purge Storefile (Modulestore Binary) Data

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