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How To: Upload your License and Enable File Uploads

How To: Upload your License and Enable File Uploads




Starting July 1, 2015, all newly-issued Bit9 platform license keys enable a few additional capabilities previously enabled only upon request: Connectors and File Upload.

For additional information on File Upload and how to enable appropriate permissions for its use, please refer to the Bit9 User Guide (under: Enabling Access to File Upload Features)

This solution describes how to apply your License and Enable File Uploads capability.


In order to enable the new license, you need to perform the following steps:

1) Login to your Bit9 Console

2) Go to Administration > System Configuration > Licensing

3) Specify License File > Browse to the location where the .lic file is saved and add it

Access to File Upload commands is controlled by RBAC permissions. To grant Bit9 console users access to the File Upload feature:

1) Go to Administration > Login Accounts > Groups

2) Click on edit button next to a group (we recommend only assigning it to your Admin group)

3) Assign them the following roles as desired:

     a) View file uploads

     b) Manage file uploads

     c) Manage file uploads (all)

     d) Access uploaded files

     e) Submit files for Analysis (Bit9 Connector is required for this to option)

Important Note(s):

If you are not sure if your license supports File Upload, contact

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