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How to Collect a low Altitude Procmon Capture

How to Collect a low Altitude Procmon Capture


Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


To collect a low altitude Process Monitor (ProcMon) capture.


  1. Download and extract Process Monitor from the attached .zip file
  2. Open Procmon
  3. On keyboard, press "Ctrl+E" to stop capturing events (or navigate to File > Capture Events and uncheck it)
  4. On keyboard, press "Ctrl+X" to clear any events (or click the eraser icon)
  5. Navigate to Options > Profiling Events > Select Generate profiling events every 100 milliseconds.
  6. On keyboard, press "Ctrl+E" to start capturing events
  7. Reproduce issue
    • Capture a maximum of 10 minutes of events

  8. On keyboard, press "Ctrl+E" to stop capturing events
  9. On keyboard, press "Ctrl+S"
  10. Save "All Events" in the "Native Process Monitor Format (.PML)"
  11. Compress the .PML file into a .zip file.
  12. Upload the .zip to
  13. Once the upload completes, please comment on your case that the data is available for review.

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