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How to Run FIOs Disk Performance Test

How to Run FIOs Disk Performance Test


Cb Response 4.2.1, 5.x


How to run FIOs (Flexible Input/Output benchmarking tool) to test disk performance


Follow these steps on the requested nodes or run the attached script:

  1. Install FIOs:

    yum install fio -y

    Note: If CbISO is used FIOs is included in the install

  2. Determine the Datastore Root Directory in your environment:

    grep DatastoreRootDir /etc/cb/cb.conf  | awk -F'=' '{print $2}'

    Note: The Default Directory is /var/cb/data

  3. Edit FIO config file

    1. Open FIO config file:

      vi /usr/share/cb/diag/basic_rw_randseq_tests.fio

    2. Modify to use the directory you would like to test:

      directory= DatastoreRootDir
      Note: Replace DatastoreRootDir with location found in step 2
  4. Verify there is enough disk space available (At Least 16GB) in the specified directory to perform test:

    df -h DatastoreRootDir

    Warning: At least 16 GB of disk space must be free to run the test

  5. Stop Services
    Warning: If services are not stopped when running the test, the results will not be accurate since Cb Response will also be using the disk
    1. Standalone:
      service cb-enterprise stop
    2. Cluster (Run on Master Only):

      /usr/share/cb/cbcluster stop

  6. Run FIOs:
    fio /usr/share/cb/diag/basic_rw_randseq_tests.fio --output fio_results_<NodeID>_<Date>.txt
    Warning: If you abort the run using Ctrl-C or FIO fails during the run you will need to ensure you remove all FIOs files from DatastoreRootDir:
  7. Remove FIO’s read and write files:

    rm -f DatastoreRootDir/random-*
    rm -f DatastoreRootDir/sequential-*

    Note: Replace DatastoreRootDir with with location found in step 2

  8. Start services

    1. Standalone:

      service cb-enterprise start

    2. Cluster (Run on Master Only):

      /usr/share/cb/cbcluster start

  9. Upload fio_results.txt to Alliance:

    /usr/share/cb/cbpost fio_results_<NodeID>_<Date>.txt

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