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How to find the meaning of an upgrade error code

How to find the meaning of an upgrade error code


6.0.x, 7.0.x, 7.2.


The solution explains how to analyze a Bit9 Agent upgrade failure that results in a message of the following structure:

SoftwareUpgrade: Execution failed File[<filename>] Error

For example:

SoftwareUpgrade: Execution failed File[<filename>] Error[8]


Agent Upgrade: Failed executing C:\ProgramData\Bit9\Parity Agent\parityagent7.2.0.msp /qN /l*v+ "\\?\globalroot\device\harddiskvolume2\programdata\bit9\parity agent\logs\ParityAgentInstall_2014-09-02_16-03-29.log". 5.

This error can be seen in the Bit9 Console for the upgraded computer or in the upgrade log on the machine itself (usually under: %programdata%\Bit9\Parity Agent\Logs).


  • Open a command prompt window and type the following:
    net helpmsg X
    Where X is the error code displayed.
  • For example:
    net helpmsg 8
    Not enough storage is available to process this command.
  • Handle the issue based on the provided problem-solving information
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