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How to use the "b9cli" command

How to use the "b9cli" command


  • Cb Protection 6.x - 8.x
  • All supported Mac OS X and Linux


  • This document provides information on how to use the "b9cli" command.


  1. Open a command terminal
  2. Change directory to the location of the b9cli file. Below are the default location:
    1. Mac OS X: /Applications/Bit9/Tools
      1. cd /Applications/Bit9/Tools
    2. Linux: /opt/bit9/bin
      1. cd /opt/bit9/bin
  3. Type "./b9cli" to see all the available command options that does not require CLI or Global password. The "./" is to indicate relative path.
    1. Syntax: ./b9cli --<option> <parameter>
      1. Example:
        ./b9cli --server
        ./b9cli --capture /User/username/Desktop/
        ./b9cli --hash sha256 /User/username/Desktop/Temp/Testfile.exe
        ./b9cli --password ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP
  4. For additional command options, you will need to elevate your permission using the CLI or Global password. Once it's elevated and you repeat step 3, you'll see a longer list of available command options.

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