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Items to be aware of when installing or upgrading to Carbon Black 5.0

Items to be aware of when installing or upgrading to Carbon Black 5.0


This solution describes items to consider when installing Carbon Black 5.0, or upgrading to Carbon Black 5.0 from a previous version.



Please use caution when pointing to the Yum repository (the file /etc/yum.repos.d/CarbonBlack.repo on the Carbon Black server). Different versions of the product are available on different branches as shown below:


v5.0 is available on the Yum URL:



v4.2.x is available on the Yum URL:



     Note: Whenever modifying a Yum URL, run the 'yum clean all' command to clear Yum's internal cache so a previous URL is not used, such as:

yum clean all

yum update cb-enterprise




User Guide:

Carbon Black v5.0 - User Guide


Release Noes and Changelogs:

Carbon Black v5.0 - Release Notes

Carbon Black v5.0 - Server Changelog

Carbon Black v5.0 - Sensor Changelog




Regarding Upgrades/Installations:

Carbon Black 'cb-liveresponse' service fails to start

Following an upgrade the Nginx service fails to start due to multiple listen directives

How to access the Carbon Black Yum repository through a proxy


Normal Operation:

Receiving 404 error when trying to access a host through Carbon Black Live Response

Carbon Black OSX Sensor performance symptoms

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