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Linux Kernel Upgrades on Endpoint machines

Linux Kernel Upgrades on Endpoint machines


All Carbon Black Enterprise Protection Versions


This document answers questions related to performing Linux Kernel upgrades on Cb Enterprise Protection Endpoint machines


Question 1

When you have an endpoint machine running RedHat Linux, are there any issues related to Cb Enterprise Protection when you update or upgrade the Linux kernel on the machine?


If you need to update the Linux kernel on a machine running the Cb Enterprise Protection agent, the only concern is that the Linux kernel version is the correct supported version for the Cb Enterprise Protection agent version you are running.

For the current list of supported Linux Kernel versions, please refer to the B9P Agent and CB Sensor OS Release Support document.

The Linux table lists all of the specific supported OS/kernel versions, along with the version(s) of the Cb Enterprise Protection agent that are supported on that version.

Also note that on The Operating System Support Policy section , we state:

"Linux kernel maintenance updates within the same family (e.g. 2.6.32-504…) are supported as soon as they are released – no Bit9 or Carbon Black updates are necessary"

Question 2

Is a reboot required due to the interaction between the Linux Kernel and the Bit9 Agent Kernel?


Presumably there would be a reboot needed as part of the kernel upgrade process, but there would be no additional reboot necessary for the Cb Enterprise Protection Agent.

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